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San Mateo Gum Disease

Studies show that your oral health is linked to your overall health and wellbeing. At Contemporary Dental, our experienced dentists offer the state-of-the-art dental care that is fundamental for helping to keep your smile healthy throughout the year. For over 25 years, our practice has remained dedicated to providing the most advanced, gentle, and precise dental care to patients of all ages. From the essentials in preventive, emergency and family dentistry, to the most advanced periodontal, implant and orthodontic treatments for your smile, we help our patients maintain optimal oral health and beautiful smiles. Welcoming new patients to our practice, we invite you and your loved ones to come visit with us at our conveniently located dental office. Whether you’re due for your next checkup, or require advanced therapy for the treatment of San Mateo gum disease, you’ll be in the very best of hands at Contemporary Dental.

San Mateo Gum Disease

Gum disease is chief among the most common dental conditions experienced by adults and is the number one cause of adult tooth loss across the nation. Here at Contemporary Dental, our experienced dentists take a proactive approach to San Mateo gum disease and are well equipped to provide you with the gentle, conservative, and precise treatment you require to halt the onset, progression and recurrence of this condition. As per the recommendations of the American Dental Association, we encourage patients to schedule semi-annual checkups at our office so that we can carefully monitor their oral health throughout the year. This helps to ensure that we can catch gum disease and other common dental conditions early on, when treatment is typically easiest. At its earliest stage, which is known as gingivitis, periodontal disease can be completely reversed with a professional teeth cleanings and regular brushing and flossing thereafter. When gum disease progresses beyond this initial stage, we provide advanced periodontal therapy in the form of deep cleanings and other approaches to care, so that we can get you back on the path to good oral health again.

For the treatment of San Mateo gum disease, and a sweeping range of dental ailments, make Contemporary Dental your destination for the gentle and quality dental care that you deserve. To schedule your next visit, contact our helpful staff today!

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