Where Can I Find An Emergency 94403 Dentist?

Dental emergency interfering with how you go about your daily routine? You may be interested in scheduling an appointment with a 94403 dentist who understands the need for expedient care. In the community of San Mateo, California, that practice is Contemporary Dental. At Contemporary Dental, Drs. Kuramoto and Ogawa are committed to providing skilled and compassionate, state-of-the-art emergency care for all their patients. They know how disruptive and uncomfortable a dental emergency can become, and will provide you with the prompt, effective treatment you need to return you to your normal, pain-free lifestyle as quickly as possible. Make Contemporary Dental your first choice for emergency care and all your dental needs in San Mateo.

94403 Dentist

While the most often reported reason for an emergency trip to the dentist is a toothache, our experienced dentists are highly skilled in all facets of dental care; whether you have a toothache, chipped or fractured tooth, a dental infection, or even a broken denture, you can count on Drs. Kuramoto and Ogawa to handle all your urgent dental needs.

In our efforts to provide prompt and reliable care, your 94403 dentist always recommends calling our office as soon as you notice a change in your dental health. By contacting sooner rather than later, you can avoid more serious consequences to your oral health and overall well being. Our compassionate office team will prioritize your urgent condition and schedule you for prompt care at your earliest convenience.

We believe that each and every patient deserves to enjoy the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile. At Contemporary Dental, we welcome patients of all ages for care and are a convenient one-stop resource for all you family’s dental needs.  For more information about our comprehensive range of services or to schedule an appointment with our 94403 dentist, give us a call today.


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